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oil painting nr 53 -   92 x 184 cm 


oil paintings from  90 x 105 cm to 215 x 160 cm

more paintings, please see image gallery


example of a pen drawing nr 52  -  75 x 55 cm - frame 105 x 85 cm 

take a copy and enjoy the details.

price at request : see : contact me


details of the pen drawing:

an other detail of a pen drawing aquarel nr 55 - 75 x 55 cm

pen drawing nr 35   55  x  36.5 cm

price at request.

a detail of a pencil drawing  nr 2   73  x  55  cm (2 x)

exceptional  art  see image gallery page 4  104004

more drawings, please see image gallery, but the reallity is still better.

price at request, see contact me.

Fashion design

example of fashion design

more fashion designs please see image gallery or better contact me, exceptional conditions for designers of collections

Wall drawing

example of wall drawing


please see more examples at the image gallery: paintings, drawings and fashion drawings.

Each piece of art has a message.

NEW: Claire video 1 /2016: painting with Indian ink:


@ All rights reserved by Marie Claire Deleersnijder, Antoon Soetens + ...

Each piece of art, sold or gifted, has a certificate.

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